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Firmware Upgrading - Pete_UZ - 05-27-2021

Dear System Installers and Customers,

First, I would like to express our great appreciation for your choice of Power Lite Series products.
Since the launch date, Power Lite Series have gone through many upgrades to optimize the user experience both from hardware and software aspects.
We really appreciate your feedback, enabling our Engineering Team to improve our products in many aspects.

Right now, the software upgrading is realized via off-line method by using the hardware provided by UZ Team. 
We highly recommended each system installer carefully read the related documents.

According to our development plan, the upgrading via on-line method (OTA) are on the way and it will be released shortly. It should be noted that software upgrading via OTA requires additional hardware and it will come up with a major upgrade in both hardware and software as well.

Further info will be posted here and your feedback will be welcome as well.

Cheers and have fun here!